Slight Changes to Main Pages

Hey there AnimeWorld fans! You may notice that we’re about to get more posts on the home pages of all our websites. We’ve decided to incorporate a blog into our websites to provide you guys with fun and new interesting information about all things related to Anime and Conventions! However, due to current software, all new posts of any type will be posted on the home page. Since these blog posts cover topics that aren’t directly linked to administrative news regarding, AnimeWorld conventions we realized that this may make our home page look a little cluttered. We’ve come up with a potential solution. Take a look at the underlined text in the picture below.

If a post on the main page says it was submitted in “News”, it is news relevant to the conventions themselves and may require your attention. If a post has been listed as a blog post, the post may be relevant to your interest and general knowledge but is not directly related to any of the conventions.

Hope this helps clear up any possible confusion. Stay tuned if you’re interested in just perusing our upcoming blog posts! We have just posted our first one up, and it is a summary of our experience at Ohayocon 2012. Check it out if you’re interested!

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