Panelist Badge Policy

AWX is happy to offer complimentary panelist badges to those who present qualifying programming at the convention. Please read the following information carefully to be sure you understand what is required to earn a panelist badge. If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ below, please email .

To earn a complimentary badge, an attendee must earn 5 or more Program Credits. Program Credits are awarded for each hour of live programming  presented, at the following rate:

Panel: Presenter(s) talk about a topic, with or without a slideshow or other visual aids. This would include discussion of an anime or video game, cosplay how-to, Ask-A-Character panels, etc.

  • Program Credits awarded: 1 credit per hour of panel.
  • Number of Presenters: Up to 3 presenters can earn Program Credits per panel.

Attendee Event: Presenter(s) coordinate an interactive event in which attendees participate. This would include a game show, character auction, dance lesson, etc.

  • Program Credits awarded: 1 credit per hour of event.
  • Number of Presenters: Up to 3 presenters can earn Program Credits per event.

Workshop: Presenter(s) provide a hands-on project for attendees to make or do. This would include cel painting, jewelry making, sew-a-plushy projects, etc.

  • Program Credits awarded: 2 credits per hour of workshop.
  • Number of Presenters: Up to 3 presenters can earn Program Credits per workshop.

Panelist Badge FAQ

  • Why is there a new badge compensation system?

Because of the wider variety of programming now offered at AWX, we need a way to ensure that our presenters are adequately compensated for the time and materials they invest in their events. We value all our attendee programming, but we do recognize that workshop materials cost actual money, so that is factored in to how many hours are required to earn a badge.

  • I want to have four people help with my panel, but it says only three presenters. Can I still have my full crew?

Sure! You can have as many people as you like participate in the panel. However, only three people can earn Program Credits per panel.

  • Can I earn credits for panels AND workshops?

Yes! You are welcome to run multiple types of events, and you can earn credits for all of them. So if you run a two-hour workshop (4 Program Credits) and a one-hour panel (1 Program Credit), you have earned the 5 credits needed to receive a free badge.

  • I’ve submitted a lot of programming, and I’ll be earning 10 Program Credits. Can I earn two badges and give one to a friend?

If you wish to split your credits between two attendees, BOTH persons must be listed as panelists on the qualifying events. Otherwise the badge credit will not be applied to the correct person.

  • I want to volunteer at the convention. Can I combine my Volunteer Hours with Program Credits to earn a free badge?

Yes! During the scheduling process, be sure to let your department head know that you’re also running panels, so he or she knows how many work hours to assign you.

  • I’m running a workshop. Will AWX reimburse me for the materials I bought?

Sorry; at this time there is no cash reimbursement for workshop materials. This is why workshops earn twice the credits toward a complimentary badge.

  • Can I charge people for workshop materials at the door?

No. We want all our attendees to enjoy the programming offered at AWX, not just those who happen to have cash in their pocket!

If you have additional questions, please contact .