EIEN STRIFE – Cosplay Adventure Concert

Eien StrifeEien Strife is coming back to Anime World Expos, and this time they have leveled up their show once again. Since the group’s forming in 2011, the four heroes of the cosplay adventure rock band have been touring conventions all over the United States while putting on a brand new concert every time! It’s hard to explain everything that you will experience when you attend an Eien Strife concert. With high energy songs, catchy dance breakdowns, hilarious 8-bit animations, and crowd interactions like never before seen, there is something for everyone at an Eien Strife show. Since the release of their full length album Full Speed Ahead, the performers have sold thousands of copies at their shows and have recently recorded a
new single with the well-known voice actor and musician, Todd Haberkorn.

Not only will their performance at Anime World Expos be full of surprises and excitement, but it will also be one of the first times to get a copy of their brand new DVD! Get ready for the adventure!

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