Artist Alley submissions are now CLOSED. Thank you for your applications!


Anime World Expos (AWX) Artist Alley is a place where amateurs, hobbyists, and blossoming professionals alike can promote and sell their personal creations.

The AWX Artist Alley is a fully juried alley. This means that we will open registration for a specified length of time, and once that period ends, all artists will be judged in a fair and unbiased manner (see the Registration FAQ – coming soon!). Time of registration will have no bearing on acceptance.


Applications will be accepted from January 21-February 18, 2015.


Anime World Expos tables will be sold in Full Tables and Half Tables. Artists may request no more than one (1) full table space per Artist/Studio. You may share a table with another artist, but this will be considered a “studio” and you still only get one (1) table.

24 Full table spaces will be available with half spaces available for purchase (out of the total 24, of course)


  • Length: 6’ long x 30″ wide
  • Cost: $50
  • Badges Included: None, Badges must be purchased separately


  • Length: 3’ long x 30″ wide
  • Cost: $30
  • Badges Included: None, Badges must be purchased separately

HEIGHT LIMITATIONS: Table spaces will be limited to a height of 8′.

LOCATION: Grand Ballroom



Table Ratio: We are aiming for 50% 2D / 50% 3D Artwork Ratio throughout the entire alley. This means that approximately 50% of the tables will be artists featuring 3D work, and 50% will be artists featuring 2D work. If you sell a hybrid of the two (some 2D some 3D), this is fine – we’ll just count you under what you show us the most of, or consider to be your main product! This ratio may change only slightly depending on half-table sales, but we aim to keep it as even as possible.


If you purchased a table and find you are unable to make it, we can provide a refund up to a certain point. Please see the details below regarding refund information:

  • 100% refund if request is made before April 30, 2015
  • 50% refund if you request before June 30, 2015
  • NO refunds after June 30, 2015

The refund cut-off date is necessary because AWX must have enough time to fill any vacancies (the convention must pay for the tables and space regardless of how many artists are in attendance). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but keep these rules in mind when signing up for our alley. If you have concerns about refund policy, please contact .


The state of Illinois requires all vendors, regardless of business status, to collect sales tax. State of Illinois Tax Forms will be posted here at a later date. Artists are responsible for their own tax processing.


Wi-Fi access and Electricty will be available through the convention center (NOT AWX) at their posted rates, which can be found here: ElectricalCharges (PDF)

(Please note that AWX cannot provide electrical or internet services. The ONLY way to acquire them is via the Westin’s service menu.)


Artists in the alley are prohibited from selling artwork or products that are not their own.

EXCEPTION: If you are sharing a table with a second artist (who should also be present for a majority of the time of the show), you may make sales for them, but it is for their business, not through yours.

Artists may NOT “rent out” space on their table for other people’s products.

Artists may NOT sell their booth space to another artist if they are unable to attend. There will be a waitlist and your location will go to the next eligible artist. Please email if you are unable to attend.

Artists may NOT add another artist to their booth without the express permission of the Department Head (). Helpers are allowed, but no surprise artists, please. If you plan to share a table, you must sign up together at registration.


All artists will be determined on entry via jury. Tables will be split into one of two categories based on portfolio – if over 50% of the items are 3D/Crafting they will be placed  into 3D, and vice versa for print works.

Your portfolio should reflect our 50% Original Works Policy (see below).

For tips and explanations of what we’re looking for, take a look at our Portfolio FAQ (coming soon!)

If you are not accepted into this year’s alley, feel free to email for feedback about your portfolio review!


AWX Artist Alley is requiring a 50% Original Works policy. This means that at least half your table space must consist of artwork that is not considered Fan Art.

Fan Art is considered to be artwork containing characters from an Intellectual Property that you did not create. This includes, but is not limited to, Anime characters, Video Game characters, Book Characters, and Television and Movie characters.

Original Artwork is considered to be artwork containing characters, stories, and designs of your own make and creativity. This includes, but is not limited to, artwork of your own characters/comics/stories/landscapes/animals, personal jewelry (not replicas of objects from shows/movies/etc), unique plush/crochet characters of your own design, personal sculptures, etc.

If you are unsure if something can be considered original or fan art, please contact .

If you are sharing a table with another artist, BOTH artists must have at least 50% original work. It is advised to have at least one half of the table space displaying original work, and the remainder displaying Fan Art (if you have it). Booths that violate this rule will be asked to remove the amount of Fan Art to equal the amount of original work.

The Ratio will be determined visually, not numerically (aka an original comic with 10 pages does not equal 10 fan art prints). See the FAQ for recommendations on how to set up your booth (Coming Soon!)

Artists are welcome to have more than 50% Original Works!


Hats, shirts, or other wearable textile products must comprise less than 50% of your total product for sale. Previously-worn items (i.e., cosplay costumes you have modeled) may NOT be sold.


Artist Alley products must be a product of the artist’s own creative works or the creative work of your team (if you’re a studio group). Therefore, a limit on the types of manufactured items (things not made by your hand) will be in place – see the list below as to what is permissible, and what is not:

NOTE: List is subject to editing; please check back here before submitting your application to make sure.


  • Comic Books you drew/wrote and had printed
  • Novels/Books you wrote and had printed
  • Art Books you drew/contributed to, and had printed
  • Zipper pouches with artwork you drew on them
  • Plastic charms with your design (such as from Zap or Ink-It Labs)
  • T-Shirts printed with artwork you created (must comprise less than 50% of your total product for sale)


  • Plush figures you designed, but had sewn by a manufacturing company
  • Textile Artwork you designed, but had created by a manufacturing company – anything that can usually be made by hand either by sewing, yarn, etc.
  • Figurines you designed, but had a manufacturing company print/cast/paint them.

If you DO have manufactured items that fall into the Not Approved category, it is suggested you either do not bring them to the show, or if a good percentage of your booth carries these items, we recommend trying for a vendor booth rather than an artist’s table.


AWX Artist Alley is an alley where Logos or Tracing of Industry Artwork are NOT permitted.

A logo is copyrighted imagery associated with or representing an Intellectual Property, and can also be a design or artwork used in that IP. For example, the Flamel’s Cross and Alchemist Circles from Fullmetal Alchemist, Cutie Marks from My Little Pony, or Mass Effect Symbols are considered logos. If you have questions on what constitutes a logo (or whether or not something might be a logo), please email .

Tracing of Official Industry artwork is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, replicating official artwork as prints, magnets, buttons, etchings, burnings, etc. This also includes “Upcycling” printed images for use in buttons, jewelry, fans, and more.

Artists are also prohibited from selling replicas of items already created by the Industry, including, but not limited to, plushies replicating plush figures already on the market, patches, jewelry, props, and more.

If a table is displaying any of the items listed above, the artist will be politely requested to remove said items. If items are not removed, then the artist will be asked to leave the alley. Table refunds will NOT be issued for artists expelled at-con for violation of these rules.


AWX prides itself on being family-friendly. If you have anything considered to be 18+/Adult Material, it MUST be kept off display behind your table, and you must ask for ID before showing it to customers. Artists may post a sign indicating they have 18+ artwork, but must check a government-issued photo ID to verify a customer’s age before allowing customer to view it. 18+ pieces may not be on display in the booth, even if censored (please note that Post-it notes/masking tape do not constitute covering for display purposes!). Artists are strictly prohibited from displaying anything that may be considered 18+.

18+ content includes, but is not limited to, nudity, sexually explicit images, pornographic imagery/crafts, excessive gore, or artwork/text incorporating explicit language or profanity.

If an artist is found displaying such items or have them out where they are easily accessible by underage customers, they will be politely asked to remove said items from view. If the artist refuses, they will be asked to leave the alley. Table refunds will NOT be issued for artists expelled at-con for violation of these rules.


Artists are prohibited from selling official merchandise at their table. Basically, you cannot use your booth to sell your old anime DVDs, figures, and the like!


These are items which are prohibited from the AWX Artist Alley. This list may be added to over time, please check here or the Prohibited Items thread on the forums.

If you have any questions you can always post on the forums (on the Prohibited Items thread), or you can email .

  • Grab Bags
  • Raffles
  • Food or beverages (for distribution or sale to customers. Artists are welcome to eat at their tables while working!)
  • Weapons (constructed of any material)
  • Makeup
  • Perishable Items


Due to legal action and/or personal request from copyright holders, Fan Art or products related to the following properties may NOT be sold in AWX’s Artist Alley:

  • Homestuck
  • Welcome to Nightvale
  • Ragnarok Online / Gravity Co.
  • Gaia Online
  • Replicas of Square Enix / Kingdom Hearts Weapons