AWX Crystal Hunt

“Go forth, mighty warriors, and fulfill the quest to retrieve the crystals and obtain the precious gemstones! THE FATE OF THE WORLD* DEPENDS ON YOU!!!” *definitions of “world” may vary

Anime World Expos is excited to announce a new rewards system for its attendees! Earn swag and get entered in contests for cool prizes!

How does it work?

First, participants must pre-register for the convention and then fill out this form to get a unique Crystal Code. After that, there are multiple ways to earn crystals and increase your gemstone level!

You get 1,000 crystals just for pre-registering, plus, for every friend you refer who uses your Crystal Code when they pre-register, you get another 1,000!

There are plenty of other ways to rack up the crystals, too – from reserving a room at the host hotel for the convention (and then sending us your confirmation code here) to introducing yourself in the forums. You can also earn crystals by interacting with the AWX Facebook page, posting in the forums, and using the #AWX2015 hashtag on Twitter. There will also be other special online events (on Facebook, in the forums, etc.) where you can earn crystals just for participating.

What are the prizes?

At 1,000 crystals (which you get just for pre-registering), you reach the Sapphire gemstone level and are entered into a raffle for a grab bag prize drawing. At 2,000 crystals (just one friend pre-registering with your Crystal Code), you reach Amethyst level and will get a special badge ribbon at con. What’s beyond that? The quest-giver did not tell us, for it must remain a secret, lest the universe collapse on itself from the weight of sheer awesomeness. (But hint: autographs, stickers, flower crowns, cosplay photoshoots, Jump-The-Line passes, and even free badges could be involved.)

Plus, bragging rights! We’ll update our leaderboard of the frontrunners at regular intervals, so you can compete with your friends for those coveted top spots.

Why are you using “crystals” and “gemstones”? Why not just points?

Because crystals and gemstones are shiny. (And more interesting than just “points.”)

Yeah, but it seems a little forced and weird and –

Because. Shiny.

Why are the prizes so vague?

We want to be able to add more levels and rewards as we go! The more people participate, the better the prizes will be, and the more we’ll be able to offer you! And also, we don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering what that next gemstone or prize will be …

How will I know what level I’m at?

You’ll receive e-mail updates whenever you reach a new gemstone or prize level, along with a description of what you’ll receive at con when you pick up your badge.

If I reach a new level, do I lose the prizes from the previous level?

Nope – you get to keep it all. The prizes stack, just like LEGO blocks and attack modifiers.

So you’ll be tracking me on Facebook and Twitter and the forums and stuff? That’s creepy and I don’t think I like it.

No problem — if you don’t want to participate via social media, you can simply opt not to give us your social media information when you sign up for the rewards program. (And if you do, rest assured that we will NEVER EVER share that information with anyone else, and we’ll never use it for anything other than this system.) Without social media participation, you won’t get the bonus crystals for sharing posts, but you can still earn credit by pre-registering for the con and referring your friends!

Wait …

Okay, you got us. BUT, hear us out.

The surveys we’ve conducted of con-goers about what draws them to certain conventions consistently list one main thing as the top reason they attend: because their friends are attending, too. So this system helps us both out – more of your friends come to the con, so you have more fun, and we have the resources to put on the best convention possible for everyone. Everybody wins!

Have more questions about the Crystal Hunt program? Contact .

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