Have some spare time between events? Think you might be the king of fighters or the king of games? Or maybe you and your friends are looking for something to do in the late hours. Then come by one of the gaming areas, grab a seat, and game on!

Video Gaming

Open Gaming: Various games will be set up and available for play, letting you show your stuff or challenge others to a friendly battle! Have a game you can’t imagine a con without? Stop by the forums to give us suggestions for what you want to see!

Tournaments: Take the gloves and prove why you’re the best for bragging rights and more. Stop by the forums for details and rules.
Old School Challenge: Test your skills against the best (and worst) that video game history has to offer. Discover what Nintenhard meant and why gamers really do have it better these days!

Tabletop Gaming
Game Library: Various board and card Games will be available for play in the gaming room. So grab a group of friends (or make some new ones) and while away the hours into the night!

Tournaments: Test your wits, tactics, and luck and compete head to head with other AWI con goers for bragging rights and more. CCG and board game tournaments are both in the works, so stop by the forums for details, rules and to request your favorite games!

Additionally, over the course of the weekend stop by the tabletop area and see what role-playing sessions are running. Sign up and place yourself at the mercy of the dice and our (not completely evil, honest!) GM’s!

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