Panelist Badge Policy

Panelist Badge Policy & FAQ

Do panelists get free badges?
Three-day badges will be provided for panelists who provide a minimum of 3 hours of programming over the weekend. That can be by way of three one-hour panels, one two-hour panel and one one-hour panel, or multiple two-hour panels. Each hour of programming can count for up to two attendees (a head panelist and a co-panelist).

I submitted only one panel. Can I still get a badge?
If you have only one panel to present, contact the programming director ( and ask. Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to receive a one-day pass for the day that you are presenting the panel (these badges are limited, so ask early). Or, if you still want a three-day badge, you can volunteeer (see below).

I’m a Volunteer. Do I have to put in all my volunteer AND panel hours to qualify for a badge?
If you are both a volunteer and a panelist, let your department head and the programming director know so we can schedule you accordingly. Provided you fulfill your obligations to both departments, you will be able to count your panel(s) as a percentage of your volunteering hours.

If my panel is not approved, can I still pre-register for a badge? When will I hear if my panel has been accepted?
Panel confirmations and times will be sent out within a week of the Panel Submission cut-off date (which is given at the top of the submission form). This is at least a month before the convention date, so you should still be able to pre-register for the convention if your panel is not accepted.

I submitted a panel, but now I can’t make it to the con. What do I do?
If your panel is accepted but you are unable to present it for any reason, please notify Live Events staff AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can find replacement programming for your time slot. You can email or send a direct message to *AVA* on the AnimeWorld forums. We realize that emergencies happen, but if you don’t let us know, we’ll assume you are a no-show (see below).

I submitted a panel, but I changed my mind and don’t want to do it now!
Email BEFORE THE CUT-OFF DATE to withdraw your panel submission.

Anything else I should know?
All panelists MUST check in at the Live Events office at the convention! If you have not checked in by the day of your panel, we will assume you are a no-show and may cancel your panel.

What happens to no-shows?
Panelists who fail to present their panels (and have not informed staff ahead of time) will not be permitted to present or apply for panelist badges at future AnimeWorld conventions.

For additional questions, please email or contact *AVA* on the AnimeWorld forums.

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