“And Sewing Is Half The Battle!”

Costuming has been a key part of fandom since the 1930s, and it’s one of the most unique and personal things you can do at a convention. It’s all about using yourself as an artistic medium – and, of course, it’s great fun!

“…And Sewing Is Half the Battle!”   is a cosplay group based in the Midwest. In addition to their successful competitive career, “…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!” presents dozens of instructional seminars and hands-on workshops for costumers of all levels each year. Whether you’re just curious about costuming or an experienced cosplayer, you’re sure to learn something new from these cosplay panels (as well as be entertained by amusing tales of cosplay kludges and inventive ways to use trash)!

Check out “…And Sewing is Half the Battle!” on Facebook or Twitter @ASIHTB.

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